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The world needs your sweat


We began WORKship in 2000 with the simple mission to fundamentally change the world. How? By convincing people to act to help others. We don't expect to do it quickly. But we do believe that reaching even one person can make a world of difference.


How? Because ...

• One person can move a room to act.

• One room can move a neighborhood to act.

• One neighborhood can move a city to act.

• One city can move a country to act.

• One country can move the world to act.


We emphasize action because we believe that real social transformation cannot happen until the conversations about the poor become less about concepts and more about people. When we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and welcome the stranger, our hearts change. And then our worlds change. There are a thousand ways to help out at  WORKship, and we encourage you to come and find your place.



WORKship starts at Tucson's First United Methodist Church. Our first project? Cleaning the home of a disabled woman.


After outgrowing our space, WORKship moves to the Gaslight Theatre for worship followed by work projects elsewhere.


To be closer to our work projects, WORKship moves to the Z Mansion in downtown Tucson.


After 20 years at the Z Mansion, WORKship projects include feeding up to 200 homeless friends every Sunday.

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